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Hunger Strike Targets Marco Rubio on Immigration Issues

Orlando DACA Lawyer

From December 12 to December 15, 2017, five activists went on a hunger strike to lobby Senator Marco Rubio for greater protections for immigrants in Florida and across the country. Their aim was to turn up the pressure on Rubio to vote for a clean DREAM Act that would replace Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program revoked by President Trump’s administration in September. Protesters also were lobbying for the restoration of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for residents of Florida who immigrated here in response to disasters and other untenable conditions in their home countries.

What Is DACA?

DACA has provided pathways to permanent residency and citizenship for undocumented individuals who entered the U.S. with their parents as children. It currently provides protections for about 800,000 young people across the U.S. The protesters hope that their nonviolent form of protest will highlight the need to continue protecting these children of immigrants and to allow them to stay to pursue their goals of living and working in the United States.

What Is TPS?

TPS recipients typically are fleeing dangerous conditions in their home country caused by political instability or natural disasters. An estimated 33,000 Haitians currently make their home in Florida under TPS provisions because of hurricanes and earthquakes that have destroyed homes and businesses across this small island nation. The Trump administration has revoked the TPS program and given notice to these refugees that they will need to return to Haiti within 18 months or be deported at the end of that time. Retaining the services of an Orlando deportation lawyer can be a solid first step toward addressing these issues and ensuring that TPS participants can remain in the country legally even after the 18 months have elapsed.

Working for Change

By engaging in a hunger strike to raise public awareness and to put pressure on Rubio, the protesters are representing many undocumented immigrants, TPS recipients and DACA youth who may be too fearful to stand up for their own rights. Marco Rubio has long positioned himself as a friend to immigrants, making him a natural target for activists seeking a wider forum for their message.

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