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Crimes & Immigration

Any contact with an officer can affect your citizenship!

Are you hoping to become a United States citizen? Immigration can turn into citizenship by naturalization,a green card, or establishing permanent residency. If you are hoping to be granted citizenship, any contact that you can have with an officer while in the States on a visa, can negatively affect your chance at becoming a United States citizen. As a law, any person eligible for naturalization must be of “good moral character” and free of felony charges. As terrible as it is for anyone facing criminal offenses, it can be even more costly to an immigrant. Not only could you be facing being deported, but your chances of becoming a permanent resident greatly decrease.

Even if you have been deemed a legal resident of the United States by a visa, if you are arrested on any criminal conviction, you could be deported. The two separate classification that regulate criminal legal proceedings strictly define how each conviction is broken down.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude This charge is considered when a person commits a felony where direct criminal intent is the basis. Murder, kidnapping and white collar crimes such as embezzlement, forgery and fraud can all be considered crimes of moral turpitude.

Aggravated Felonies These felonies include anything that is defined as aggressive and premeditated. Rape, sex crimes, abuse, drug charges and assault and battery are all aggravated crimes.

Unlike an already-established citizen who would be facing criminal penalties as the pertain to U.S. citizens, immigrants could also be facing deportation. This could result in separation of families, loss of jobs and make it impossible for them to return or be granted citizenship.

Crimes and Immigration Attorneys

Pozo Goldstein, LLP are former immigration prosecutors and a judge who fully understand every aspect of immigration law. If you are facing a criminal charge and were hoping to gain legal residency or citizenship, you need to contact an attorney right away. Our firm has over 90 years of dedicated service in settling immigration issues and we can help defend your rights. Our Orlando-based office is available to assist you in your time of need. Contact our experienced and aggressive immigration attorneys today!