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Family Based Visas

Reconnect Your Family

There are many different reasons that families may be split up. Residency and deportation are the most relevant causes of people being separated from their loved ones. This is especially the case when a child is born within the United States, to non-citizen parents, and one or both parents ends up being deported back to their home country. Separation is difficult for any family, especially when small children are involved. If your family has been split because of an immigration issue, it is important that you contact a deportation attorney as soon as possible to reconnect your family.

Different Types of Visas

When you are seeking immigration through a family member, there a few important things to recognize. Some common family based visas are unlimited and are exclusive to spouses of U.S. citizens and their children. This allows for the family member to remain for an unlimited period of time within the country. Other types of visas are given a “family preference” and qualified applicants are based solely on the relationship to the lawful permanent resident. These family based visas are limited and divided into four categories:

F1-First Preference This preference is limited to 23,400 visas per year and is reserved for unmarried sons and daughters of legal residents.

F2- Second Preference Second preference is given to spouses, minor children and unmarried sons and daughters of legal residents. These visas are limited to 114,200 per year.

F3-Third Preference Married sons and daughters of legal United States residents are granted third preference. Only 23,400 are given per year.

F4- Fourth Preference This fourth preference is reserved or siblings, spouses and minor children of residents. About 65,000 of these visas are granted each year.

Different visas are available for fiancés and spouses as well as students and business owners. If you have any questions concerning if you or a family member may be eligible for a family based visa, do not hesitate in contacting an experienced deportation attorney today. Pozo Goldstein, LLP are proud to offer legal services to the city of Orlando and have been providing assistance to clients for over 90 years.