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Different Visas You Can Obtain

There are many reasons people wish to come to the United States and living in beautiful Orlando, Florida, there are many draws to come to this state. Immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamian islands, Cuba and even Canada and Europe make up a strong part of our community. It is important that when you are travelling, or looking to settle in the United States, that you obtain the correct visas before entering the states.

Some people looking to enter wish to do to make a permanent home here, others looking to travel and visit the states and some looking to make business investments in America. Whatever the reason for coming to the country, any individual wishing to cross the border will need to obtain a visa. There are a variety of visas that you could be issued, varying from student visa to work visas and even green cards. Some people may wish to gain citizenship through naturalization in the United States and bring their families, fiancés or spouse into the states.

Complications with Immigration Customs Enforcement

It is incredibly important to obtain a visa before entering the U.S., but also equally as important to abide by all the rules and regulations of your visa. If you are found to be in the U.S. illegally, whether entering without a visa or green card or having your visa expire, you could be arrested be the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you are detained by ICE, you require a strong legal defense. The attorneys at our law group focus on deportation defense and preserving our clients’ rights.

If you have made the States your home or have been visiting on a reoccurring basis for work or because of a loved one, deportation can be terrifying. You may be facing heavy criminal penalties if you are found guilty of any of the charges that are against you. A strong and competent attorney at Pozo Goldstein, LLP can help defend your case. Even if your charges have already been convicted, we can help in post-conviction relief or cancellation of removal.

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