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Investment Visas

Investing into the Economy

Businesses and entrepreneurs will sometimes wish to relocate or invest in a business within the United States. Investment visas, also called E-2 visas, are a great way for an individual to enter into the U.S. to work. To be eligible for an investor visas, you have to show proof of an investment into the local U.S. economy. At least $50,000 dollars must be put into the economy and you must show proof of your business providing at least ten new jobs for American citizens.

Qualifying for an E-2

Only individuals whose home country maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation within the United States will be able to obtain an E-2 visa. The applicant must also show proof of completion of the I-129 form, which proves that the applicant is a non-immigrant and has invested substantially into the U.S.

A qualifier must also show proof that they are at least 50% owner of the enterprise and hold a form of management. If the applicant is qualified for an E-2 visa, the person and all employees involved will be able to stay for exactly two years within the United States. You may be able to seek extensions but they must leave at some point. If you are looking to stay permanently, it may be to your advantage to inquire about permanent residence visas or green cards.

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