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Naturalization in the United States

Establishing Permanent Residency

One of the main reasons people immigrate to the United States is to obtain citizenship in this country. There a few different process in which someone can obtain full time residency/citizenship, such as green cards and asylums, but one of the most common forms is the process of naturalization. Naturalization is the process of becoming a citizen of the United States through legal means. The Constitution of the United States speaks of naturalization and the process to become a legal resident. In order to be eligible for naturalization, an individual must not have been born in the U.S., have lived in the States for at least five years while maintaining a clean criminal record and legally swear to obey and uphold the national laws. If you are a married to a citizen, you may apply for naturalization after three years of marriage.

Obtaining naturalization is different than a green card and once naturalization has been established, an individual will be granted full-time residency and permanent legal citizenship. Once naturalization is established, an individual does not need a permanent residence visa. A person applying for naturalization must have basic understanding of the English language and be able to demonstrate elementary knowledge of history and governmental functions. The process for naturalization can be confusing and drawn out. An immigration attorney at our firm can help you throughout this legal process.

What can we do for you?

An experienced lawyer who is thoroughly versed in all the regulations pertaining to immigration can greatly aid your naturalization process. The attorneys at our law group have successfully aided hundreds of individuals in immigration proceedings. If you are seeking a diligent and professional immigration lawyer in Orlando, contact Pozo Goldstein, LLP today!