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Permanent Residence Visa

Establishing Permanent Residency

How do I become a full-time resident?

Lots of people immigrate to the United States each year for various reasons. Work, school, business ventures and investments draw hundreds of people each year to the border and immigration kiosks in airports and sea ports. Of these immigrants, many of them wish to establish full-time residency within the United States. There are plenty of ways that people can go about doing this, including applying for green cards, marrying an American citizen or establishing naturalization. However, for those who are wishing to keep their citizenship in the country of their birth, but still stay in the U.S., they must establish legal residency.

There are various types of legal residency visas that can help you become a permanent resident. If you are employed by an American company, your employer can give proof of employment and you may be able to obtain an employee-sponsored work visa. Family members, spouses and fiancés of American citizens may be eligible as well for permanent visas and establish full-time American residency. In order to be eligible for full-time residency, an applicant must be eligible for admission to the U.S. This includes not being held for detention or deportation and the applicant cannot have any criminal convictions.

Orlando’s Immigration Attorneys

If you are looking to establish permanent residency, it is important that any questions be addressed to an experienced and professional attorney as soon as possible. At Pozo Goldstein, LLP, our immigration attorneys have over 90 years of combined experience in dealing with immigration and deportation defense. Any information you are looking to understand regarding the application process or obtaining visas can be answered by our attorneys. We are proud to serve the residents of Orlando with the best legal advice available pertaining to their immigration cases. Contact us today.