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Non Immigrant Visas

Non-Immigrant Visa Lawyer in Orlando, FL

Trying to obtain a non-immigrant visa in Orlando?

A non-immigrant visa is a visa that allows a foreign national to come to the United States for a temporary period of time for visiting purposes, tourism, various business purposes and combinations of these. A common non-immigrant visa is a student visa which generally allows an individual to work part-time in addition to attending a school that is on the approved schools list. Every year there are numerous individuals that are permitted entry into America for many different purposes, some of which involve business and some are for visiting purposes.

If you are seeking to obtain a non-immigrant visa into the United States for any reason then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of an Orlando immigration lawyer from Pozo Goldstein, LLP. Due to the many legal documents and the long process that is involved in obtaining this kind of visa, it is in your best interest to consult with a member of our legal team to ensure that you are following the correct process and that you are not making mistakes that will cause you to be denied your visa.

Helping With the Process of Obtaining a Non-Immigrant Visa

At Pozo Goldstein, LLP we are an experienced nationality law firm that has over 90 years of combined experience in serving those who face immigration issues of various kinds. This gives our firm an insight into your case that few other firms can offer their clients if you choose to work with us. Do not hesitate to seek the legal assistance that you will need in order to maximize your chances of obtaining the visa that you need.

If you are pursuing a non-immigrant visa of some kind then contact an Orlando non-immigrant visa attorney from our firm to obtain legal assistance throughout the process.