Outstanding representation!

We were so happy we decided to call Frieda back in 2013 when my spouse and I married and sought permanent residency. It was right after same-sex marriage became legal in the United States. Frieda and her team took us through the process flawlessly. My spouse received his conditional residency in November 2013 and just recently, April 27, he received his permanent residency. Frieda reminded us that he can now apply for citizenship in August of this year. We highly recommend Frieda Goldstein for your immigration requirements. We could not be happier with her representation.

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Best Attorney!

This review is to inform my experience with the law firm of Pozo and Goldstein. The firms backbone is professionals who truly care about all who need the best to have the privilege and honor of becoming legal. Mr. Goldstein accepted to take my very difficult case after a detailed consultation. He can be described as a man of honor, with outstanding knowledge of the INS laws, far superior than his colleagues and the experience of having worked as a prosecutor for the government in the above mentioned department. Well respected by both sides for he will find the way to justice no matter how good it may hide. When you file and I urge you to do it soon. Homeland security will perform an MRI of your application and your life. If they find something wrong, no matter how small, it will be denied and you could be placed in Deportation procedures, pending to face an honorable Federal Judge. None of you want to get to that. I filed and went to the interview with another lawyer and the american dream became the american nightmare. Save yourself and loved ones from the CLEAR and PRESENT danger of deportation. Steve got my legal status while in the process he treated me like one of his own. He is your TOP GUN if you want victory. Finally, I must add, "when he speaks his mind you better listen good, 99% of the time it becomes reality". After 37 years of living here, I don't have to leave, but stay with my family in this great nation. His fees are for more reasonable than the others. Steven Goldstein is number 1.

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I would 100% recommend Mrs. Frieda Goldstein

I honestly thought my life was over before I met Frieda Goldstein. I was frustrated and angry with the system. This deportation case took me through hell and back but she remained positive and professional throughout my rants. She's diligent, kindhearted, knowledgeable, and an overall beautiful human being. She worked really hard to get my case dismissed. I am proud to say last week I became a United States Citizen. If I didn't seek her help I wouldn't be this happy today. I would 100% recommend Mrs. Frieda Goldstein. I will forever be thankful for all she has done for me. 🙂


Indefatigable, persistent in defending and winning your case.

Mrs. Gyires has patiently followed my case for a non-immigrant VISA for more than 1.5 years, always available to answer my many doubts and questions, to recommend me the way to go. She has been indefatigable, persistent and available in defending my case and eventually winning it. It was by no means an easy visa petition; many a lawyer had told me before it would be almost impossible to get it. Yet Mrs. Gyires' skills and knowledge made it possible for me to get what I was hoping for and even much more. Thank you so much, I can't wait to work with Mrs. Gyires again in the future!

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Ms. Frieda Goldstein was very knowledgeable and made me feel very relaxed when I first met her.

I recently petitioned for a green card for my new wife. Ms. Frieda Goldstein was very knowledgeable and made me feel very relaxed when I first met her. She went through everything with me and my wife very thoroughly. We had many questions for her. She answered all of them with ease and made the process very simple and educational. We thought we were talking to a friend. We were able to contact here anytime and that was a relief. The whole process was great and I would definitely recommend her anyone. One more thing, the associate in Miami, Felicia Richards was wonderful to work with. The whole process was a pleasure.

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Steven Goldstein delivered results!

In 2013 I found myself in deportation status. I was completely terrified, as I have lived in the US 30 years. I have children here, a business, a home and a life. Steven Goldstein came to me very highly recommended. He did not disappoint! he was with me every step of the way, and was immensely kind and understanding. He answered questions, returned phone calls and emails without hesitation and truly made me feel as if he cared. I was a human being, and not a case number. We won our case yesterday and a cannot say enough about my amazing experience with him!!

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Green card success

Frieda was an absolute pleasure to deal with during the Green card process for my family. We were always able to reach her by phone/e-mail, and she also helped to calm us down during this stressful process. Frieda compiled all the information we needed and prepared us for the Green card interview very well. She was with us every step of the way and my family is grateful to her for winning the case!

Avvo Reviewer

Best Immigration Lawyers EVER!

After speaking with more than 10 different immigration lawyers about my husband's case and reading all the online reviews from previous clients at AVVO. I decided to hire Pozo Goldstein to defend my husband against his removal and deportation process by ICE. Mr. Goldstein and one of associates at the office were able to TERMINATE my husband's case. My husband was released just after 21 days of being detained. His charges did not qualify for bond and Mr. Goldstein was trying to get him out on parole at least. The case was a HUGE success! No Bond, No Parole, CASE TERMINATED and my husband is still a resident and will not be deported. Mr. Goldstein was always available throughout the entire process, and would respond to all of my emails at any time. I do not wish anyone to go through a situation like this one, but with attorneys like Mr. Goldstein all you can expect is trust, honesty, and a Great Defense which is what we all expect.

Thank you!

My case was a little complicated no lawyer wanted to get involved! Here they told me that they can help me so I stayed... And I'm happy I did! They help through the whole process answer all my questions till I received my GREEN CARD. Thank you!

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Honest Advice

After several emails Attorney Goldstein said I was on track with my Redress Filing and instead of pressuring me to spend money on his services he had the integrity to tell me to wait and see the outcome before I commit to an outlay of cash for his services. I find it comforting to have dealt with an above board honest individual as Attorney Goldstein.

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My family and I are forever grateful

After a long and daunting battle with the immigration process, my struggle has finally come to a favorable resolution. August 25, 2015 was one of the happiest days of my life. I entered this country as an LPR at the tender age of sixteen. As a youth, I made a mistake due to a lapse in judgment and I have been plagued by the consequences for thirty-three years. I have hired numerous immigration attorneys who failed to file my case and did not perform the promises that they made; while charging the full attorney fees. However, my situation changed when I met and hired attorney Mr. Steven Goldstein. God has definitely shown favor upon me by placing Mr. Goldstein and his staff in my life. My family and I are forever grateful for the excellent work that Mr. Goldstein, Ms. Teresita Rodriguez, and Nurialys Iglesias and his staff has done. Words cannot express my sincerest gratitude. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your law firm.

Best of the Best

It was a true pleasure having Mrs. Pozo as our Attorney. We'd previously had a bad experience with an Immigration Attorney but Mrs. Pozo assured us that she'd be very thorough and would guide us properly throughout the process. She did just that. She truly gave us peace of mind. Whenever we had a question or concerns, she always took our calls and or either replied via email right away, if we had emailed her. My Wife and I owe her so many thanks and appreciation due to the fact that she handled our process so very well. We highly recommend Mrs. Pozo if you're in need of an Attorney. Thank you so very much Mrs. Pozo. You've made our lives complete. You're the Best!

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Steven Goldstein and Team Complete Success

Today Mr. Steven Goldstein and his team after a lengthy but really professional a thoughtful process delivered not only for me but my Family but to me a great outcome. Due to common mistakes of not hiring a professional immigration Lawyers to handle my immigration matters before. I thought I was going to lose it all and remove away from this country after leaving here more than 18 years and being able to work and live legally. Mr. Goldstein fought for my rights to have a second chance and succeeded very successfully on getting my 237 (a)1(H) approval by making very clear to the U.S Government and the Judge in a professional and accurate way, and not only a second chance was given to me, but I'm also now on the way to become U.S citizen, Thank you Mr. Goldstein and his team From now on any immigration question, advice, needed to everyone close to me will go to Mr. Goldstein and his team.

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Amazing Attorney

Marcela helped my wife and I with an application for citizenship (green card). This was no easy task - our particular situation was very complicated, and only a very seasoned, skilled attorney would be able to handle the matter properly and expeditiously. After interviewing a couple of attorneys, we decided to go with Marcela, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Not only did the whole process go smoothly, but we can't speak highly enough of the quality of work Marcela put forth in our matter, her attention to detail, and constant professionalism. She made sure we were prepared every step of the way, and explained everything in detail to ensure that we were comfortable with the process. Thanks again so much Marcela!! Will be recommending you to anyone and everyone with an immigration issue in the future!

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Great Immigration Attorney

Marcela helped me through the process of removing conditions for my permanent residence, she is very experienced and knowledgeable and she was always very helpful and responsive, I would probably still be waiting for a response on my case if it wasn't for her.

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Grateful for such exceptional work.

Mrs. Goldstein, Marcela Gyires and Ashantti Sousa have done such an excellent job for my husband's case. We are very grateful for their hard work, dedication and support through his case. I don't have enough words to express how thankful we are for everything they have done for us. We will always be thankful and have them in our thoughts and prays. I will recommend them to anyone forth they are very dedicated to their cases and very compassionate to their clients. Mrs. Goldstein is capable to keep a loyal relationship with her clients and that's what everyone needs from their lawyer. Thanks again for all your hard work!

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Frieda is great at what she does, she has all the answers.

Frieda is great at what she does, she has all the answers. She's easy to contact (some lawyers don't respond) and keep in touch. She's quick at responding as well at my questions. She gave me good tips on studying for the civic exam. I worked with her on my application for naturalization through marriage to a US citizen. My case went pretty smoothly, no real big issues! We filed end of Feb and I got my citizenship end of July (but this is only because I postponed my ceremony for a month), otherwise, it would have been end of June, total of 4 months. My only tip is do bring everything they request for you to bring for the interview, I didn't have my "utility bill" with me and ended up having to run around in the city for 2 hours to gather a list of items and run back to the interviewer to submit same day (I was lucky my interviewer was nice enough to accept same day), otherwise, my case would have been delayed. Just some tips!

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Excelente Trabajo | Logre obtener mi Visa

Muchas gracias a Marcela y a todo su equipo de trabajo, fue un trabajo espectacular e impecable, me sentí muy bien asesorado durante todo el proceso, me resolvieron todas las dudas, me ayudaron en cada momento y en cada parte del proceso hasta lograr el objetivo...LOGRE OBTENER MI VISA, LUEGO DE QUE ME LA HABIAN RECHAZO DOS VECES... Super Super recomendada...Muchas gracias por todo ...

Avvo Reviewer

You have dealt with this in a fantastic way and always made me feel in great hands.

I would like to thank you for all your work on our E2 and a very kind approach to the whole case. It’s a pleasure working with people like you and I appreciate your smiles every time I come to your office. They calmed down my anxiety at each and every visit. It has been a crucial part of our lives to get this sorted out. I fully understand and have respect for the responsibility on your side , as any mistake might have a major impact on our personal and professional lives. You have dealt with this in a fantastic way and always made me feel in great hands. (Thanks for the I94-fix!) We are almost there but I feel absolutely confident that with your team we will bring this to a successful ending. Once again, thank you very much for everything.

Mr. Goldstein is the best Immigration Lawyer available.

I can summarize my review as a client in a few phrases... Mr. Goldstein is the best Immigration Lawyer available. His background as a former immigration prosecutor, law expertise and his particular characteristics as decent person, have the best balance to look in a lawyer. Best of all, my case was handled with integrity and professionalism. The outcome of it was positive. I would highly recommend him and his law firm.

Avvo Reviewer

Thank you for your consideration and the treatment given to my case.

I would like to share the good news with you and Ms. Pozo; my case was approved and since July 1st, 2015 I am a proud American Citizen. Again, I want to thank you for your consideration and the treatment given to my case by you and your office. This is a great country and now I can finally call it my home. God Bless the United States of America.

I would absolutely recommend Frieda Goldstein for any of your immigration needs or advises.

I had a pleasure working with Frieda Goldstein on my case for the removal of the conditional residency after the divorce. Originally, I filled all paperwork on my own 2 years after receiving my first green card, but after receipt of RFE letter from immigration I decided to get a lawyer. I spent a lot of time researching for a right attorney and based on all reviews and recommendations I decided that Pozo Goldstein Attorneys were the right people to contact. Several attorneys had advised me that my case was too complex and couldn't guarantee that I would pass my second interview. (In short - I received my green card thru a marriage with American citizen, me and my former spouse were living in two different states due to the work and college obligations, and after 2.5 years of marriage I filled for a divorce). The whole RFE response package to the immigration was very thoroughly prepared, organized and I got very well prepared by attorney for my interview. There is nothing negative that I could say about my whole experience working with Ms. Goldstein, very polite, organized, well informed, always available via e-mail & text messages, positive person which gave me a lot of confidence and positive energy prior my interview. I would absolutely recommend Frieda Goldstein for any of your immigration needs or advises.

Terrific Work!

Dear Ada, Steven and Frieda, I am writing to express my gratitude for the terrific work Linda Jesselson and Courtney Noce did this year on my behalf. Last week I received notice that USCIS had approved my petition to adjust status and ordered for my green card to be printed. After more than 13 years in the United States, this represented a huge dream come true. When I first contacted Linda early this year, I was leery of immigration lawyers because an attorney my company hired several years ago made a mistake that led to a denial of a PERM petition. After that experience, our corporate lawyer was under the impression that there was little the company could do for me beyond keeping me on a non-immigrant work visa status as long as possible. For years, my immigration status felt like a curse. Despite having attained significant recognition in my field, I could not shake the feeling that the life I had carved out for myself here came with an expiration date that I was powerless to push back. My first conversation with Linda and Courtney marked a key turning-point. I trusted them instinctively. They were reassuring, but careful not to over-promise. They were warm, responsive, creative and assertive. Working alongside them putting together an EB-1 petition, I came to believe I had a shot at prevailing. To say I was a high maintenance client would be an understatement. But Linda and Courtney unfailingly polite, diligent and good-humored. I can't recall ever feeling this optimistic about the future. I have been so excited since I got my formal approval notice, I have trouble sleeping at night. This is in no small part because I was lucky enough to cross paths with two of your lawyers at the right time. I am sure my praise for Linda and Courtney's work will come as no surprise to you, but I nonetheless wanted to take the time to convey it. I will forever be grateful to them and your firm and and will continue steering potential clients your way..

Always Available

Courtney held my hand in the very long process of investing in a US tech company and the consequential E2 visa. She was very clear on the documents that we needed, and helped by referring third parties for the documents we didn't have. She put me in contact with a wonderful business plan writer, as well as another smaller firm specialized in partnership agreements. Courtney was always available for my countless phone calls, explaining clearly where we were and what were the next steps. I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable immigration lawyer

Highly Recommended

Marcela took control of our case firmly and confidently, kept us informed and involved in every step of our journey. Her knowledge was evident as she swiftly and expertly handled our case. Her immaculate and professional rebuttal resulted in getting our Asylum application approved. We highly recommend Marcela and her firm to anyone that seeks an attorney with integrity, experience, knowledge and one who looks at her clients’ interest. Our future is looking better thanks to her!


I am so glad that Attorney Marcela Gyires took over my case at the final stage where knowledge, experience and confidence were needed to go through a sensitive and critical scenario of the immigration issues. She is a very professional and dedicated lawyer that is confident and inspires confidence to the client, explaining with transparency and positivism the situation and possibilities. I with no doubt strongly recommend her.

Excellent Job

Hi Courtney, Just wanted to close the loop and let you know that I am in NY on my brand new O Visa. All went well. Thank you very much for managing the entire process, you did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs immigration help.

So Thankful!

First of all, i am not an employer or friend. I just searched today for lawyers in miami in avvo com and i really wanted to get free consultation so I know how much to spend on second consultation... I went to appt today and he told me what to do- what document to write, how to write, what to write..everything. And didn't charge anything. And he is very polite and nice person overall.. Which you don't see very often in law offices... I’m so HAPPY, and so thankful. I saw a few lawyers in these days.. All of them were scammers. Except Mr. Steven Goldstein.


We hired Steven Goldstein because he offered us a chance to maybe help us in our immigration issues and when I say maybe its because the previous lawyer I had hired had dismissed my case and told me there was nothing else to be done and my husband would be put on a plane back to the United Kingdom the following week. Steven informed me it was a less than 50% chance but it was more than anything else I had been offered, and as many of you well know its a horrible feeling. Last Thursday my husband was released and we still have a ways to go but Steven is a wonderful lawyer who really cares about his clients. The other wonderful thing with him is he stays in contact with you the whole time which is wonderful so you know where you are at, at all times of the case. So our family would like to Thank You very much for everything you have done for us and still continue to do. His staff are very polite, kind, caring and friendly. If you want results then Steven Goldstein is who you need to call.

Changed My Life

Hello Mr. Goldstein, I am the son of a former client of yours. I am not sure if you still remember me since I know that you have so many clients. My mother was the lady from Hungary who you were fighting for to keep in the U.S. Unfortunately, eventually she was extradited back home. Later, you helped to keep me in the states when the U.S. was trying to remove me. You asked me before my court date how did I do in high school, trying to gain some leverage by it in court, when I said that I was a straight C student. You said don’t worry, and tried to keep my spirits up. I’d like to first and foremost thank you for helping me in 2009. Soon after, my mother passed away and I enrolled in Broward College. I did very well, in fact I graduated with highest honors. The school also nominated me for the most prestigious transfer scholarship in the U.S. named the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship. It is a scholarship that pays up to $30,000 a year for your bachelor’s, plus $50,000 for you master’s degree. The foundation only gives this to about 60 scholars in the country and I was one of them. Once I graduated, I was accepted to Pennsylvania State University’s (Penn State) Nuclear Engineering program. I will be starting in the upcoming fall. My point is that without your help, all this would have never been possible. You not only changed my life and future, but saved it and for that I am forever thankful. I hope that everything is well with you , your family, and firm and thank you once more.

Dream Team

First of all I want to say thank you for the hard work, and for your professionalism. Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am. You have done more than just help a person from getting deported,you have helped a family stay together. With your help and your hard work this would've never happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing a smile to my face and happiness to my kids life. You guys are the best, a dream team as I like to call you. God bless you all, and thank you.

Successful Outcome

I would like to inform you about successful outcome of my individual hearing this morning, which would not happen without your involvement. I also would like to thank you for handling the case, providing the best legal advices, your professionalism, competent, honesty and availability when I needed you the most. I also would like to extend my gratitude to Yanisel Garcia, Maria Espejo, Teresa Feal for their contribution, kindness and professionalism.


Integrity, Experience & Knowledge! When we met Steven, we noticed how professional, confident & passionate he is for what he does. In a relatively short time, he was able to bring me and my wife an approval for our asylum application. We are especially thankful for his team’s professionalism and the sensitive nature by which they handled our case. We would reccomend Steven to anyone.

Life Changing Event

Thank you Maria, Dr. Ada, Dr. Steve and thank you to all those that in one way or another help me with this stressful situation. This is a life changing event and I don’t know how to thank each one of you for the things that you do for all of us that come to this country in search of our dreams. It was a pleasure working with you, and my blessings to each one of you and your families. We will keep in touch for my citizenship in 3 years.

Highly Professional

Mr. Steven Goldstein. Esq struck that perfect balance of being highly professional and an expert in his field while taking a personal interest in my family's well being.

Outstanding Service

There's no question we are in the very best of hands... And yet they have provided us this outstanding service at a reasonable and competitive cost.

He did a Great Job

We called Mr. Goldstein and got to speak with him right away about our case. I must say, that he did a great job...I would highly recommend him and his firm.

You Should Call

The first office you should call is Pozo Goldstein for Immigration/USCIS matters.

Kept me in the U.S.

I saw their ad on TV and met Mrs. Pozo and Mr. Goldstein, and everything changed. I couldn't believe how they took an almost lost case like mine and kept me in the US...

Could Not be Happier

Being able to stay with my family in the United States is the most magnificient and generous thing that has ever happened to me...Thank You Mr Goldstein once again.

Reliable, Responsive, Honest

Thanks Steve for all your help with this long but successful journey to my citizenship.

So Elated

I wanted to inform all of you that my wife Nicole received her Green Card today 🙂 We were so elated and had a wonderful celebratory dinner this evening!

Thank You

Thank you for all of your help. Kudos to you and the rest of the team at Pozo-Goldstein.

Outstanding Attorney

I got approved on my residence and I want to thank you for representing me throughout my case. I want to thank you for your services, you are an outstanding attorney. I will also be going to school to become an immigration attorney as well.


Courtney Noce was exceptional from start to finish. She counseled me for my permanent residence process. With Mrs. Noce's assistance I received my green card much sooner than I had ever anticipated.

Great Communication

I strongly recommend Courtney based on her strong knowledge base, positive and structured working attitude, great communication skills with the clients. Courtney replied to my calls and emails every time and she was very patient to answer my questions regarding the immigration issue.


Mr. Goldstein, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all your support and professionalism during this time. My resident alien card has been given back to me!

Extraordinary Results

Hello Steven, First of all I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you have done on my case and the extraordinary results that you have gotten for me. I have had many attorneys, but none of them compared to the one that I have now which is you.

God Bless You!

After Several years of being in Immigration Limbo and no hope I was Blessed to have Found a Top # 1 Quality and Professional Lawyer Firm, Pozo Goldstein they are the Best!!! , Am truly thankful to Frieda Goldstein , Steven Goldstein and their Quality Team, i was Able to Get my Green Card after 15 Years of no Hope, Steven and Frieda Professionalism, trustworthy, honesty , integrity got me out of a painful Immigration Process. Thank you for believe in me and Keep My family together. God Bless you.!!!!

Truly Blessed

Thank you for helping us bring our family back together Hello Mr. Goldstein, Mrs. Goldstein, & Terry, I hope this email finds you all doing well. We wanted to take the time to let you know that while we reflect upon this Thanksgiving and realize we have lots to give thanks for, we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for your endless hours, emails and patience! Thank you for helping us bring our family back together. Thank you for allowing our children to have genuine smiles back on their faces. Thank you for allowing this family to celebrate our many blessings this Thanksgiving together. We are truly blessed and eternally grateful that you made such an impact in our lives. We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Kept Us Informed

Awesome Attorney My husband and I hired Mrs Goldstein for a complicated case. We've worked with serveral other lawyers and each time our case was denied. Due to her work and knowledge our case was finally approved. Mrs Goldstein and her staff always kept us informed every step of the way. I would recommend her to ANYONE who is in need of a immigration lawyer.

Honesty & Integrity

The Best of The Best! After Several years of being in Immigration Limbo, and hopeless I was blessed to have found a top #1 quality and professional lawyer, Pozo Goldstein, they are the best!!! I Am truly thankful to Steven and Frieda Goldstein and their quality team, I was able to get my green card after 15 years of no hope, Steven's professionalism, trustworthy, honesty, integrity got me out of a painful Immigration process. Thank you for believing in me and keeping my family together. God Bless you!!!!

Thank You So Much!

It's been a 13 year journey and it has finally come to its end. I wanted to let you know that my mom's IPR card got approved yesterday. I wanted to say thank you so much to you, Steve, and your firm. It's been a 13 year journey and it has finally come to its end. God bless you! Thank you so so much.